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 Read this. [IMPORTANT]

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PostSubject: Read this. [IMPORTANT]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 4:36 pm

What is our forum?
Our forum focuses on tutorials, games, but most important hacks/cheats.

Registration/log in problems?
If you have any of the problems above and even more go to the FAQ label and click on the matching problem.

Here you can found and another categories :Design,Music/Edits,Youtube Channels(You can say your youtube channel and people will visit it),Programming,Servers(here you can see player's server and you can play with them)

Keep in mind.
This forum just started so we have a lot to do so keep in mind to put any bugs that you might have in the bugs section
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                                                                If you have any questions put them down below.
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Read this. [IMPORTANT]
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