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 Thirty Six Arma3 Hack [Undetected File]

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PostSubject: Thirty Six Arma3 Hack [Undetected File]   Sun Nov 22, 2015 9:34 pm

Hi guy's I'll give you the neweset leaked ThirtySix Menu...

I can't post whole links yet. Sry.

Have fun with the Menu.

Inject it like you want.. Ingame press INSERT to launch

Virus SCAN

the best features

Don't fear any admin ban
Free RDM and VDM. As much as you want
unique player list For easy control, kick or teleport
kick and ban all admins and players
kick and ban all cops
kick all players
kick individual players
shutdown server (!!!)
Instant disconnect (Panic Key bound on F2)
Vehicle EMP
Scriptexecuter & Hotkey
Destroy all in Range (500 Meter)
Delete all in Range (500 Meter)
change servertime to day
change servertime to night
show message for all players
Airstrikes (by clicking the map - 1000 Airmissledrops, 200 per second!)
teleport (by clicking the map)
teleport other players by clicking the map (select name from the player list)
teleport players to you or to other players (select name from the player list)
No Cooldown, RapidFire
spectate other players (select name from the player list)
controll other players

gain other players access to your menu (select name from the player list)
give money to individual players (select name from the player list)
give equipment to individual players (select name from the player list)
teleport all players

( Highlights )
Unlimited Ammo
No Recoil
exploding ammo
All licenses
ESP (all player near to you)
Destroy cars, players and buildings with the single press of a button
Cop outfit + weapons + functions (you're able to arrest people --> full cop menu)
( Extras )
spawn a giant *****

spawn ammo and guns
spawn equipment
spawn cars, trucks, boxes
spawn ammobox ( all items of ARMA in one box )

Instant Heal
Instant Vehicle Repair + Refuel
get keys of all cars

teleport players to you
teleport to players
unrestrain you and others
get out of jail
restrain and escort other players
put others in jail
If you don't know how to inject this SQF file go to How to succsesfully hack arma 3:http://cheatcountry.board-directory.net/t9-how-to-successfully-hack-arma-3
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Thirty Six Arma3 Hack [Undetected File]
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