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 How to start into Game Hacking !

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PostSubject: How to start into Game Hacking !   Sun Dec 20, 2015 6:18 pm

First of all, you don't start hacking right way, so.. if this is what you are looking for, Give up.

Ok, I feel the need to create this thread as this question keeps being asked over and over and over... (We all can see this from threads created)
So this pretty much will be useful to Link for those who are BLIND and can't look at stickies before posting.

How to Game Hack:

Your first step should be picking up a Programming Language to learn. This is not an easy step as there is multiple languages.
My personal Opinion is for you to start with a lower level language as C or C++ (I did start with C)

Be patient, get a book, get some documentation, READ IT.
If you are not at a school, you won't get someone to teach you everything. You need to explore (We are here to assist you on your problems as long as you tried something first and you show to us that you want to proper learn)
Proper Learning: Learning by trying, and reading what stuff does and how it works. Not Copy & Pasting already written code and Click run button.

After you feel comfortable with this Language (I will be honest here, this will take time, a long time.. Most of the books at the end of each chapter has small projects for you to practice what you learnt, which is good and informative), start looking into specific Memory Manipulaton WinAPI functions. Such as:
CreateToolhelp32Snapshot function
Process32First function
Process32Next function
OpenProcess function
TerminateProcess function
WriteProcessMemory function
ReadProcessMemory function

Your best friend will be that Documentation (And google), is says everything but everything you need to know about those functions, and how do they work: MSDN Library

These steps are the baby steps, do not get ahead of yourself, or you will end up failing as almost everyone did.

Few tips:
Forget About GUI Projects for now, It is much better to start coding on a console project. No gay auto generated code and you will learn without stupid events that objects create. (See.. you have no idea what I am talking about, yet it is there right on your first project)
Why Books? Because most of them explain decently, have good examples and will be teaching you on the correct order. Plus, of course, practice exercises.
Copy & Pasting code is bad... You are not creating anything new, you are just copying what someone else did. You won't be learning and you will be hated most likely for those who actually know what they do and could help you.
There is some more stuff that you need to know to proper game hacking, but as for now, this is enough. As I said, don't get ahead of yourself.
Get back here when you feel ready for more

Any question related to this, there is no need to open a new thread. Just post here and ask away.
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How to start into Game Hacking !
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